“Luke Shaw” believes the new boss will lead the “Red Devils” to have a better performance.

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It’s so different! Luke Shaw, left-back, “Red Devils” Yahom Erik Ten Hag, the new manager, has a clear outline of the players wanting from the players, allowing the players to understand what the coach wants. Believe that the work will come out better than before..

After the army, “Red Devils” Manchester United has a new manager, Eric Ten Hag, the Dutch manager. To control the team to fight the Premier League football this season by now being in the preparation of the team during the pre-season. and find new players to reinforce the army

"Luke Shaw" believes the new boss will lead the "Red Devils" to have a better performance.

Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has spoken out. The new boss said There is a clear outline of the play that he wants. Let the players understand what they want from the players. Which is something that Manchester United has not had in the UFABET  past.

“It’s very clear that Erik ten Hag is a great manager. He had a clear outline of his play. We haven’t had anything like this for a while. which it is evident that in the past season what are we missing More importantly, we have to work hard continuously. And we believe everything will be better than last season for sure,” Shaw said.

In the Premier League football England’s pre-season team “Red Devils” Manchester United had a poor performance that had to sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from the position of manager and let Ralph Rangnick take over the army temporarily. But can not help the team so much that the “Red Devils” can only be ranked 6th in the league.