What are the symptoms of ovulation? How to take care of it?

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Disorders caused by the body’s response to foreign objects causing swelling, redness in the groin area of ​​both legs which is something that should not be overlooked If it is or is found to be having the symptoms mentioned above Should see a doctor for treatment immediately. We call this abnormality the ovulatory condition, which is mainly caused by exposure to the virus. bacteria fungi entering the body causing the lymph nodes to respond to them Resulting in swelling and redness in the groin area itself.

What are the symptoms of ovulation? How to take care of it?

Check first. How is the condition of the ovaries?

The first sign that you are experiencing ovarian hyperstimulation It can be observed from the groin area or the groin area with swelling and redness. Which is very unusually large in men , each person will have different forms and characteristics of swelling. Some people may feel pain and pain, low-grade fever, and the skin color of the area will turn dark purple. If not rushed to see a doctor, lymph rupture may occur.

Causes of ovulation in men

Thyroid symptoms can occur in both men and women. But it’s more common in men than the main cause of lymph node disorders. which is responsible for eliminating foreign matter from the body Swelling occurs because our body responds to it. These unknowns include:

1. A skin disease caused by fungal infection Bacteria, some viruses, etc.

2. Caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.

3. Having sores on the genitals which spreads and causes inflammation

4. Lymphoma, testicular cancer, melanoma

5. Hernia

How to take care and prevent yourself initially

If known and found suspicious symptoms should rush to the hospital for the doctor to diagnose. The cause will receive treatment on the spot and can alleviate the symptoms of ovarian hypertension. But how to take care of yourself and prevent the basics that can be done are as follows

– Always wear a condom during penetration. to prevent infection from sexual partners

– If there is pain or pain, compress with warm water. symptom area

– Taking pain relievers

– Reduce strenuous activities that affects the area. Where the egg is pushed

– Avoid wearing pants or underwear that are too tight.

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abnormality of the body can happen If not given regular attention and care. The ovarian syndrome, although it looks like a minor illness. But it can have a negative impact on daily life. Which may spread to other systems of the body. If you find yourself having symptoms, you should see a doctor for immediate treatment.