Things you should know! Potassium. Is this mineral good for expectant mothers?

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Minerals are considered to be another important part that helps promote health and the human body. more perfect and stronger like potassium. It also has a positive effect on mothers, pregnant women and babies. But taking potassium supplements requires knowing the real benefits and eating them properly. to create the most valuable and safe. So let’s take a look at what the real benefits of potassium are. And is it suitable for pregnant mothers or not?

Things you should know! Potassium. Is this mineral good for expectant mothers?

Is Potassium Beneficial for Pregnant Moms?

Potassium is ranked as a highly essential mineral for the human body. because it will go into the role in many aspects to maintain the balance of the UFABET body. It is an important contributor to the balance of electrolytes and fluids within the entire body. Stimulates the nervous system to work with the muscles well. In which the human body has potassium. Since inside the red blood cells, muscles, bones and various organs

It is considered a mineral that should be within the body and should be appropriate. To make the use of daily use as balanced as possible for expectant mothers should receive adequate amounts of potassium. To allow the body to get all the minerals and make changes in the body Including important female hormones efficiently. It has the benefit of fluid retention that will not cause swollen arms and legs. Stimulates the body’s immunity thus reducing infections and various health problems very well Ready to help reduce symptoms of cramps in the arms and legs. Make walking without feeling too much leg pain.

When pregnant women lack potassium How will it affect the body?

For mothers, potassium deficiency may cause problems of various diseases. But at the same time, potassium should not be taken too much. Because it may result in an irregular heartbeat. There is chest pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue, and numbness may occur in different parts of the body. The problem of low potassium is also considered bad for the body. Because it may cause vomiting that does not stop frequent diarrhea The retention of water or edema will create various complications that are quite frightening.

High potassium food source

For foods that are high in potassium and also provide both vitamins and minerals in its entirety, it is a good food for expectant mothers, namely avocados, potatoes, sweet potatoes, legumes. and fruits like bananas Just one banana can provide enough for one day’s potassium needs. These fruits and food ingredients are rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, and are highly nutritious and sufficient for health. You are definitely pregnant.