How to store food in the summer How to store cooked food so it doesn’t spoil?

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During the hot weather like this In addition to making us uncomfortable because of the higher temperature. You also have to be careful about food. Because the summer heat makes food spoil easily. This is because bacteria grows a lot. and faster So let’s take a look at the techniques for storing food in the summer. To reduce the risk of food spoiling

How to store food in the summer How to store cooked food so it doesn't spoil?
  • Food should not be left in extremely hot weather. But if you forget, such as leaving food in your car for 3-4 hours, you should not eat it again. This is because bacteria has grown.
  • Choose boxed fried food instead of other types of food. Fried food spoils more easily than other types of food because it has less moisture. Therefore, storing fried food such as fried chicken, fried tofu, etc. can be put in boxes. And if you want to change it into a bag, wait for it to cool down first.
  • Boiled vegetable food You should drain all the water out and blot with tissue in another step. before being separated into boxes
  • Proportioned lunch boxes are suitable for many meals. types that need to be kept together Therefore, the box should have compartments for vegetables, fried foods, rice,ยูฟ่าเบท etc.

In addition to how to store food to reduce the risk of spoiled food, Choosing freshly cooked food instead of eating overnight food. Including washing your hands thoroughly before eating will help us reduce the risk of food poisoning.