hangover cure drink You can take care of how much you drink.

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The festival of celebrations like the New Year has just passed. Soon it’s Valentine’s Day. followed by the Songkran festival Which these festivals are the hangout time of party people already, young men and women who are party people would be fascinated by this time. because it is the time when everyone meets Great fun with friends But when the fun is over, you have to face a hangover. Sit and have a headache all day long. It wasn’t that much fun, was it? So we took this opportunity to collect a drink to cure hangover for everyone. What will be there? Let’s see.

hangover cure drink You can take care of how much you drink.

Black coffee is a drink that is easy to find. Just brew a little strong black coffee, no sugar added. This will help you Sobering up is not difficult at all. Because drinking coffee will help make our bodies energetic. more refreshing But for those who are allergic to caffeine This UFABET drink is recommended to abstain completely. because it will make the symptoms worse

Fresh milk, this type of drink is easy to find. at the general convenience store Drinking fresh milk while having a hangover It will help your body absorb alcohol better and faster. Because fresh milk has the ability to absorb alcohol within our body itself.

electrolyte drink It’s not just bringing mineral powder from a pharmacy to mix with water only. But drinks that claim to be sports drinks which are sold in convenience stores can also cure hangover symptoms Because mineral salts will help restore dehydration in the body. Makes you sober faster

Juice if you feel a hangover from drinking alcohol. We recommend looking for citrus juices. You’ve probably seen people squeezing freshly squeezed lemons into their mouths during a hangover, and it’s the same principle. Because the vitamin C in citrus fruits will help make you dizzy. dizzy or symptoms of flatulence can subside In addition, the amount of water contained in the fruit can also help reduce dehydration in the body.

Soft drinks are not just colored soft drinks. Even baking soda can help you get rid of your hangover. Because substances in soft drinks can reduce ethanol in the body. Carbonated water can also help reduce dizziness, headaches and nausea.

Coconut water can actually reduce hangover symptoms. In coconut water, there are electrolytes. It is a substance that is like in mineral salts. Therefore, coconut water will help reduce symptoms of dehydration. Makes the hangover feel lighter