Ten Hag starts a crazy rule in Bangkok. before the swan duel tomorrow

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New Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has kicked off a new ironclad. For his players as they prepare for the clash with Liverpool in Bangkok tomorrow.

Manchester United players practice immediately. A few hours after arriving in Bangkok on July 9 2022 at the STB Academy Rama IX. Before the first pre-season match against Liverpool on Tuesday July 12 at the Rajamangala Stadium by former Manchester United captain. Brian Robson is the club’s ambassador and part of. The delegation was also at the training ground to personally. Welcome all the players before the practice session began with the UFABET team’s new boss Erik ten Hag at ease. He laughs and plays with the players while his staff lead the players in light training. This starts with stretching cycling and running.

Ten Hag starts a crazy rule in Bangkok. before the swan duel tomorrow

         Players including Marcus Rashford Jadon Sancho and Bruno Fernandes. Then switched to training with the ball. Which was still a light practice. After a 12 hour direct flight from Manchester to Bangkok. The players then practice Rondo or monkey snatch the ball. Which is a one-stroke ball touch where a player is in the middle of the group. Must intercept the ball with Ten Hag watching intently.

         a few hours earlier On a chartered flight from Manchester. The team’s top playmaker Fernandes filmed a video recording of his journey on the plane. Before the team left for the capital of Thailand The one behind the camera laughed and taunted his teammates, including Sancho and Scott McTominay, whom he nicknamed the “McTerminator,” the man he said, “eats all the time!”

         Other highlights included goalkeeper Tom Heaton telling Fernandes: He would spend part of the long flight sleeping on the ground at the feet of captain Harry Maguire, seated next to him. Fernandes also filmed Donny van de Beck and Luc Ch. Shaw, who sit together and Anthony Martial, who returned from loan to Sevilla in the second half of last season. which when filming Martial Fernandes said “He’s going to come back and score a lot of goals,” to which the forward replied with a calm face: “Give me some assists,” to which United’s new No. 8 owner replied: “Of course. friend You know we can connect.”

         After landing in Bangkok and was welcomed according to tradition They met with fans. who came screaming to welcome thousands of people This is normal whenever they tour the Far East. Then proceed to Plaza Athenee Hotel, a 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Bangkok. But with their reputation in the Far East combined with having to prepare for the Liverpool game, players don’t have much free time in Bangkok. They were ordered by a new manager. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be shared at the hotel without exception. 

         This work is called In earnest, according to Ten Hag, the Dutchman previously issued five ironclad rules for both seniors and youngsters to follow in terms of training and alliances . N. Hag has actually put into practice in training. which people who watched the rehearsal described him as The ‘conductor’ joins his assistant managers Mitchell van der Gag and Steve McClaren, but sources insist. There’s an aspect where he’s good-natured, but the training sessions get intense as he tries to define his coaching philosophy with the players.