How to view poker card order

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Another chicken release point that makes newbies swarm to eat at the table is not knowing the order of the cards. This card game is not decisive on the points of the UFABET cards. But it’s in ordering the cards in the right order. Because it will affect the size and card points. This means that the better the arrangement, the more we have a chance to win. In poker the cards are arranged from largest to smallest as follows:

How to view poker card order

Royal Straight Flus 

is considered the biggest card. The cards are arranged from Ace K Q J and 10. All of which must be of the same suit. The chances of getting this set of cards are very low. The chance of getting out is only 0.00015%.

Straight Flush 

is a smaller sized card lined up 5 cards of the same suit. The chance of getting out is only 0.0015%.

Four of kind 

are four cards of the same rank. The odds of winning are 0.024%.

Full House 

This set of cards has 1 triple card and 1 pair of cards. Judging in the event that someone has the same card. Will look at the Tong set first. Then see who’s couple’s dress is bigger. The chance of drawing this card is 0.14%.


is a suit of all cards of the same suit. Without needing to sort. If there are the same exits use Kicker to decide. The exit chance is 0.2%.


is a card of 5 consecutive cards, not necessarily of the same suit. If there is the same draw use the largest one as Kicker. For Ace cards, look at what the cards are with. If it is in a group of western cards such as A K Q J 10 here Ace will have the largest point. But if it is with numerical cards such as 5 4 3 2 A. This is considered the smallest. Straight chance is 0.39 %.

Three of Kind 

is a set of cards that have 3 cards of the same rank. If the players are the same use the remaining 2 cards as a Kicker. The odds are 2.1%.

Two Pair 

is a pair of 2 cards drawn. If there are other players. Two Pair will look at the first pair first. Then look at the second pair. If these two pairs are equal use the last card as Kicker 4.75% chance.

One Pair 

is a suit with a 42% chance of coming out because there is only one pair of cards in the suit. Decide whether to lose or win, whoever has the bigger pair wins. If they are equal, the remaining cards are used to decide.

High Card

is a card that has a chance of coming out up to 50% because it is only measured by the points per card. There’s no need to sort anything.